• N Female to UHF Male RF Cable Assembly
Low loss cable assembly, one side N Standard Female Straight connector, the other side UHF Male Straight connector, 50 Ohm, RG316 / RG316D / RG174 / RG58 / LMR195 / LMR400 optional.


Connector AN Female
Connector BUHF Male
Cable0.81, 1.13, 1.37, 1.48, RG178, RG174, Low Noise RG174, RG316, RG316D, LMR100, RG188, RG142, RG223, RG303, RG400, RG58, LMR195, LMR200, LMR240, LMR240FR, LMR300, LMR400, RG393 or Others

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N Female to UHF Male RF Cable Assembly

  • Product ID: 101182
  • Product Model: RFC-N/SFS-UHF/SMS
  • Availability: 1-2 Days
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