• QN Male to SMA Male RF Cable Assembly
Low loss cable assembly, one side QN Male Straight connector, the other side SMA Male Straight connector, 50 Ohm, RG316 / RG316D / LMR100 / LMR195 / LMR200 / RG223 / RG142 / LMR240 / LMR240FR / LMR400 optional.


Connector AQN Male
Connector BSMA Male
CableRG174, Low Noise RG174, RG316, RG316D, LMR100, RG188, RG142, RG223, RG303, RG400, RG58, LMR195, LMR400, RG393 or Others

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QN Male to SMA Male RF Cable Assembly

  • Product ID: 101240
  • Product Model: RFC-QN/SMS-SMA/SMS
  • Availability: 1-2 Days
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  • $12.43

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